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25 May 2018


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'This vacation is gonna be so amazing...!'

'Do you ever let your hair down...?'

'Fuck ME, I had an adventure...!

'You should take it. A little souvenir of your adventure.'

'Hey, you have driver? Gogo best driver in Bangkok...!'

'Whatever you find in here, you've gotta face it and be strong.'

'Yeah, a witch-doctor! Well, whaddya think we had before modern medicine? Magic!'

'This vacation is gonna be so amazing...!' Ah yes, famous last words eh? Dontcha just know that a holiday prefaced by these exact words is going to turn out to be the vacation from hell? Stupid tourists, lol. They never learn.

Anyway, this is a pretty good horror film centred around a green-as-grass young American couple called Julie and Jim. (Francois Truffaut's JULES ET JIM, geddit?) They're in love and in Bangkok in Thailand, one of the most exotic and mysterious cities in the world.

Naturally they're excited, and wee Julie fancies herself as a bit of an amateur shutterbug so she's, like, snapping away non-stop at everything she sees, just like every other annoying tourist with a bloody camera. We' ve all got cameras, bitch, lol. Having a camera don't make you no Lord Lichfield...!

If there's one thing I've learned from watching horror movies, it's this. Beware of personable young men with British accents who take an out-of-the-ordinary interest in you and your girlfriend/boyfriend while you're on your holliers in a foreign country.

Beware of them even more if- or should I say when- they suggest that you take an unscheduled trip to the 'countryside' in their car in the middle of the night. You're never gonna come back from this little trip or, if you do, you're gonna be messed-up somehow.

The newly-engaged Julie and Jim's British guys are called Bill and Robert. They drive the unsuspecting young couple to a 'ghost house graveyard' that takes all night to get to. Ghost houses look like darling little wooden bird-houses, only they're beautifully decorated and filled with little knick-knacks and statuettes and stuff.

The way I see it, you put the little wooden ghost house outside your real house, and the family ghosts can use it to hang out there if they wish. That way, they won't have to come into your actual house to cause trouble or mischief. They also won't have any call to go around possessing folks, because they already have a legitimate place to stay, a nice safe place that gives them comfort.

Robert and Bill trick a gullible Julie into taking a 'souvenir' of her trip from one of the abandoned ghost houses in the ghost house graveyard. The fact that the two English guys then disappear faster than your boyfriend when the two blue lines come up on the pregnancy test tell us instantly that something terrible is going to happen to Julie...

As a matter of fact, the poor girl is now horribly cursed by the angry spirit of the deceased woman whose ghost house she was tricked into desecrating. No amount of prayers and blessed
amulets will cause the curse to be lifted. Julie, who's now sick with a severe case of the dreaded 'throat-eye' (that's a joke, by the way!) will have to go and seek the advice of a shaman...

The big bearded Reno, who lives with a seeming harem of beautiful Thai women all anxious to perform sexual favours for him, admits freely that he's more of 'a sham than a shaman.' He does, however, confirm for a frightened Jim that his 'woman's been cursed. You've got to find someone else to transfer the curse to, otherwise it will eat her soul.' So, um, it's good news then, Ted...? No, Dougal, it's bad news, very bad news indeed...!

Jim is aghast. 'You want me to do to someone else what they (Bill and Robert) did to Julie?' Well, basically, yes, confirms Reno. 'You have one day to free her (from the curse of the burned-y-faced woman) before she tumbles into the abyss, and there ain't no coming back from there...'

Way to put a positive spin on things, Reno. Well anyway, does Julie tumble into said abyss? Will the burned-y-faced woman, whose story you guys still have to hear, drag Julie down into hell with her as vengeance for Julie's unintentional messing with the ghost house?

And will Julie's devoted fiancé Jim ever change his annoying floppy hairstyle for something a bit manlier? Although, if he's gonna alter some part of himself for the better, well, speaking personally, I'd kinda be inclined to start with his sex-face...

Ghost House is available on digital download from 28th May.

VOD/EST Release Details:

Release Date: 28th May 2018

Director: Rich Ragsdale                

Cast: Scout Taylor - Compton, James Landry Hebert & Mark Boone Junior

Credit: The Movie Partnership

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Cert: 15

Running Time: 89 minutes

RRP: £9.99 HD/£7.99 SD

Release Platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Rakuten TV,  Play, Microsoft, Sky Store, TalkTalk, Vubiquity, BT



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